We believe we can create a brighter future for our children. See the possibilities and get involved.

Kids experiment

Can Kids Influence Change In Our World?

We conducted a social experiment at Khao Galli, Mumbai to find an answer to this simple question.

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Give Syrian children the hope of a bright future

Give syrian children The hope of a bright future

It is sometimes difficult to imagine what impact of civil war can have on children. It might sometimes seem far away from our daily lives and routines so to picture the horrendous plight of Syria’s children can often prove difficult to comprehend. But it’s crucial that we not only remember the trauma, but actually do what we can to try and end their turmoil.

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Kids Today Project

Kids Today Project

Do you wish you had made less mess as a child? Jumped in fewer puddles, not licked the cake bowl, or gotten less muddy? Probably not. No one ever wishes they'd made less mess as a child, yet when it comes to our own children we can forget just how important - and fun - making a mess is.

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Building a future beyond HIV/AIDS with Thokomala

Building a future beyond HIV/AIDS with Thokomala

We wouldn’t think twice about protecting our children from getting so much as a cold but millions of parents living with HIV/AIDS face the heart-breaking reality that they may leave their children without the love, protection and guidance they need to build safe, successful lives.

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Patrick Creadon

The Bright Future Award Goes To...

Patrick Creadon wins the first-ever Unilever Project Sunlight Bright Future Award thanks to his documentary, "If You Build It."

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Make love not war

A kiss for peace

For one sublime moment a kiss has the power to make the world a more united and peaceful place.

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Tiled set of childrens faces

Making Sustainable living commonplace

At Unilever we believe sustainable living starts at home.

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A group of children smiling up at the camera

Support Universal Children’s Day

Watch with us as we celebrate Universal Children’s Day and help 2 million children. #brightfuture

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Shakti bike

From the Kitchens to the Workforce

Every woman wants the very best for her family. Many women today have entered the workforce and successfully balance their work and home lives, so that they can supplement the family income and give their children better opportunities.

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Young girl

Building better lives for a sustainable future

The Unilever Foundation’s mission is to improve the quality of life through the provision of hygiene, sanitation, access to clean drinking water and basic nutrition and by enhancing self-esteem.

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Sunlight vintage collage

Making Cleanliness Commonplace

In a small English town, in a humble apartment above his father’s grocery store, a man named William Hesketh Lever came into the world.

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Child holding a clock

Spend quality time together

Making more time for your children can help build them a brighter future: 15 minutes is all it takes.

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Surf Excel

Making School a Happy Place

Remember the first day of school after the summer holidays? The smell of new books, a colourful new pencil box and crisply starched uniforms. Nothing can match that thrill of catching up with old friends and the anticipation of making new ones.

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Domex family

Building Toilets, Saving Lives

Generations of parenting has taught us one important lesson about children – they have an uncanny need to go to the toilet at what would seem the most inconvenient times and situations.

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Kids in a garden

Tomato Farms Come to India’s Cities - Kissanpur by Kissan

Take a walk down memory lane, and you will find that it is the simplest of joys from your childhood that evoke the warmest nostalgia. Joys like climbing up a tree and reading a book or those evening games of hide and seek in the neighborhood with friends.

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School children smiling up at the camera

Help a child reach five

For most parents it is unimaginable that their child might not reach the age of five. Find out how you can make a difference to a child's life.

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Mother and daughter smiling at the camera

Help a girl reach her full potential

Together, we can make a difference to the next generation of women, helping them develop self-esteem to take on the world of possibilities.

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Using a Purit machine

Saving lives, One drop at a time

A guest in a home holds a place as high as a God in Indian tradition. The first thing you would do, as you welcome a guest into your home, is offer a glass of water. It is a simple gesture, but one with a deeply rooted significance. Perhaps, because water is the purest offering you can give your guest.

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